Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Big Boss Realistic Pink Silicone Vibrator

No man tonight? No worries! Big 8” Dildo Gets You Off Like A Boss!

Get all the penetration you crave with this big silicone vibrating dong! At 8” total length and 1½” of girth, the Big Boss Realistic Vibrator is sized to really satisfy. And once you’re thrusting deep, just tap a button to choose from 7 thigh-quaking vibration settings! Feel the rush of multiple vibration settings, pulses, and patterns. This realistic vibrator’s tip-focused motor and raised head & shaft details are perfect for provoking explosive G-Spot orgasms. Enjoy 7 inches of satisfying length and realistic vein detailing for intense, lifelike pleasure with added vibrations!

Don't be frightened by the sheer size and girth of the Big Boss Realistic Vibrator. This magnificent tool will soon become your most treasured friend! This ultra-realistic vibrator is perfect for women who like heavenly pleasure. The Big Boss features the sensational ridges of a realistic vibrator with incredible pulsating pleasure modes. That smooth and soft feel will fulfill every woman's fantasy!

The Big Boss Realistic Vibrator is an adorable small pink realistic vibrator designed to resemble a real man's penis. With a delicately bulged head, vein textured shaft, and a textured base this is an extremely realistic vibrator. Full sized, satisfyingly thick and excitingly lifelike with seven powerful vibrating functions and a deliciously temperature-sensitive feel, this silicone offering from Adam & Eve is absolutely set to satiate pleasure cravings. Long and hefty in width, the realistically shaped shaft is bent up into a natural curve that seeks out sensitive inner sweet spots like the g and prostate, depending on you, you choose to enjoy it. Regardless, the supple surface with its firm precise core is sure to please!

No matter how you choose to enjoy your Boss, you'll adore the powerful multi-function vibration, seven possible modes of stimulation are yours for the choosing, they're controlled easily with a simple push button at the ribbed stand-alone base. See who’s boss in the bedroom with this big 8” vibe! The Big Boss Realistic Vibrator is crafted from premium silicone to look and feel just like the real thing. But that’s not all that this silicone vibrator’s got in store for you. Use the control button at the vibrator’s base to experience 7 different functions of mind-blowing vibration!

You might start quivering from the first glance at this vibrator’s realistically shaped head and shaft – but just wait until you’ve got the Big Boss Realistic Vibrator buried deep inside you! Activate the vibration and keep tapping the vibrator’s control button to cycle through low, medium, and high vibration speeds PLUS escalation and patterns. Since the Big Boss Realistic Vibrator has a tip-focused motor, you’ll feel all that power purring right against your G-Spot for amazing internal orgasms!

When you really want to feel it, call on the Big Boss!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab one now and experience a mind blowing orgasm!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Couple;s Sex Toys Kit –10X Love Button 3-in-1 Bullet Vibrator and Cock Ring Kit

Don't wait for a rainy day to pay more attention to her clitoris –– get busy with the 10X Love Button Kit!

Offering up three completely clitoral-loving must-haves for an unforgettable night of passionate play. 10X Love Button Kit rounds up some perfect pleasure essentials, all in safe, body friendly silicone and silky coated plastic. If you're in the market for something that gives you more for your money, the 10X Love Button Kit has everything that you've been looking for. The 10X Love Button bullet vibrator comes with two exciting sleeve attachments: 1) a textured stimulator on a cockring and 2) a rabbit finger sleeve.

First up is a fantastic vibrating cock ring, adding extra stamina and much more shared stimulation to sex. This high, blissfully full-coverage silicone vibe ring is worn around the base of the penis (or a dildo, for that matter), keeping him harder and more supported. That fantastic function aside, the larger-than-average, stimulator protruding from the top is extra flexible and thrillingly textured, it can be placed just right against outer sweet spots during sex and foreplay. Lending the vibration to the ring is the second piece of the Kit, an impressively quiet classic bullet vibe boasting an amazing 10 functions of vibration, from varying speeds of steady buzz to toe-curling combinations of pulsation and escalation. The bullet slides easily into a pocket behind the clitoral portion of the love ring, but can also be used independently to massage erogenous zones all over the body.

Finally, one of Icon's Simply Silicone fingertip vibes rounds off the Love Button Kit. Fitting snugly on a fingertip, this silky little vibe that puts intense stimulation. Literally, right in your hands. That 10 function bullet that makes the Cock ring buzz also sends high intensity waves of vibration traveling through the pink bunny sleeve. Long, tickly ears and a softly pointed face seek out sensitive outer erogenous zones, and since this vibe fits right over a finger, it can essentially go anywhere your hand can, making it absolutely ideal for use during sex. Made from incomparably hygienic, ultra silky silicone, both the Ring and Bunny can be fully sterilized if desired. Silicone is completely hypoallergenic and a wonderful choice for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, it's also intensely temperature-sensitive, and will warm quickly to match body temperature during use.

This kit encourages clit stimulating intercourse with a 2" diameter cockring with a textured 2.5" vibrating stimulator. Every thrust sends a thrill a second to her clitoris, while the cockring keeps his erection harder. Or slip on the 3" tall rabbit finger sleeve for foreplay or masturbation. His ears vibrate when you turn on the 10X Love Button bullet vibe. Let his cute little nose nuzzle around until he finds her hot spot! Take the textured stimulator cockring and turn it around to tickle her backdoor, or put it on aimed at balls for testicular stimulation during couples or solo play!

Simply the best couples ring you can bring home. The 10X Love Button Kit stimulator is guaranteed to hit her spot or yours. This travel-friendly set will help shake things up! It's all about your pleasure and this kit is sure to deliver something for just about everyone. This kit gives you plenty of ways to play and is great to purchase for yourself or a partner. Now you can focus on her love button in a variety of ways!

This Orgasmic Kit Is All About The Clitoris!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Vibrator Sampler Package - Cheap Women’s Sex Toys

Whether you are searching for a vibrator to massage your Grams Spot, tickle your pussy or tease your clit, this sex toy kit carries a vibrator to fit every taste! And there, does exist even one for a little backdoor excitement!

There are 3 different sex toys in the Adam And Eve Vibrator Sampler, so you get to choose from one of three items during masturbation, or be creative and mix and match them for an experience that is out of this world! By purchasing the sampler pack, you save quite a bit more money than if you purchase each of the vibrators individually, so it’s also an economical choice if you were going to purchase more than one vibrator anyways.

The Adam and Eve Vibrator sampler includes G-Gasm Delight Vibrator. This specially-shaped vibrator targets your G Spot with a bulb-shaped tip, making it easier to find and massage that elusive spot! A powerful egg vibrator rests in the large tip, allowing for direct stimulation whether you’re probing your G Spot, clit or even the backdoor! And it’s even water-resistant for easy cleaning. The dial controller in the vibrator’s base lets you easily switch the sex toy on and off as well as change speeds. The G-Gasm Delight vibrator measures 7 inches long and 1.5 inches across at the tip, and is made from plastic for durability and easy penetration.

It also has the Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator. Based on a real penis, this sex toy is even better than the real thing! The realistically shaped vibrator features a penis-styled head for easy penetration and a fully textured shaft to stimulate your entire pussy. A series of clitoral nubs at the base rub against your clit while you thrust away. And it’s even waterproof for fun in the tub or pool and easy cleaning. The vibrator is made from jelly for a soft fit that flexes to hug your body’s natural shape. Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator measures 7 inches long and 1 inch wide.

And finally, the A&E Intimates Personal Pleasurizer Vibrator. Targeting both your G Spot and clit at the same time, this vibrator does it all! The enlarged tip makes it easy to find and continually massage your G Spot even in the heat of the moment. A cup on top of the vibrator is filled with small ticklers to hug your clit as they tickle and tease your love nub. The A&E Intimates Personal Pleasurizer Vibrator measures 6 inches long and 1 inch wide and is made from jelly for a soft and comfortable feel.

The Adam And Eve Vibrator Sampler is an excellent choice for new sex toy users that want to experiment with different styles of sex toys to find out what they like best. It’s also a great option for women and couples who just want more than one toy to play with! There are lots of features that each product boasts, so it’s not likely you’ll get bored easily!

For the price, you just can’t beat getting 3 vibrators! The Adam And Eve Vibrator Sampler allows women and couples to experiment with many different styles of sex toys without investing a lot of hard earned cash. Use one, two or all three toys at the same time for lots of different experiences and new sensations. Pull the bullet out of the Personal Pleasurizer for more fun, or use the G-Gasm Delight for a prostate massage on him. Get creative and you can really make the most out of this great collection!

The Adam & Eve Sensual Sampler Kit for couples enhances all of your sexcapades with everything you could want or need for a wild and romantic time. 3 vibrators to satisfy ALL your hot spots!

So, what are you waiting for? Get it NOW!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

L amour Desire Waterproof Vibrator - A Love Vibrator By Adam and Eve

Satisfy your desire with this intensely throbbing vibrator!

The L’Amour Desire Vibrator packs enough power, size, function, and feel to make even the most savvy sex toy shopper do a double-take. This gorgeous toy is crafted from premium Pure Silicone for the highest quality performance and durability. Its softly, flexible and smooth wide shaft are make for deep, satisfying penetration. (Did we mention it’s also whisper-quiet?)

The 6½” purple L’Amour Desire Vibrator packs enough power, size, function, and feel to make even the most savvy sex toy shopper do a double-take. The Desire is worth a shot for anyone who likes an internal vibrator with a bit of g-spot stimulation. It is also appropriate for clitoral stimulation. It is a fun toy with many functions that has the potential to please many. The allure and the stimulating effects given by the luxury L'Amour Desire Vibrator is just priceless. Whenever you have to be intimate with yourself and you want to satisfy your orgasmic needs, you can simply take this penis shaped personal massager with you and you can start doing simulations at full speed you can take. With the ABS controller and the massager made of quality silicone of highest standards, simulation is just easily accomplished, so is your desire to indulge yourself in sexual actions.

You would dare mention as well that this silicone massager is in fact made of the finest grade of Japanese Silicone -- the top-rated premium silicone material there is. Available in 6.75" by 1.5" dimensions, L'Amour Desire is in fact harmless to your body and is flexible, lightweight, easy to store and transport. This sophisticated silicone massager is definitely what you need if you are looking for multi-speed functions. In case you want more simulations, just bring with you extra 2 AA batteries so the fun would be unstoppable.

To explore the amazing vibrations, just tap the on/off button and then use the function button to cycle through multiple vibration speeds, pulses, and escalations. Since the L’Amour Desire Vibrator’s motor sits in the very tip of the shaft, that’s right where you’ll feel the most intense, concentrated sensations. Add a few drops of your favorite lube and slide the L’Amour Desire Vibrator deep into your pussy. The wide 1½” shaft and G-Spot head are molded from smooth and lightly flexible Pure Silicone that feels great with every thrust. Fulfill your most intimate desires with L’Amour Desire. This speedy vibrator was built for pleasure. Its pliable shaft is covered with luxurious silicone material for incredible penetration. Powerful vibrating motor focuses vibrations in the tip for precise control. The L’Amour Desire gives you 7 tantalizing functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation to send you to orgasmic bliss!

With the power and performance brought about by L'Amour Desire Vibrator, you definitely invested your money well. Satisfy your desire with a luxury vibrator. If you can only have one premium sex toy in your life, you owe it to yourself to consider the L’Amour Desire Vibrator. That’s just how great this vibe is. You’ll still be able to intimately feel every amaze pulse and throb. The wide shaft and G-Spot head are molded from smooth and lightly flexible Pure Silicone that feels great with every thrust. Fun with or without lube, inside and out, and even in the spa or shower for slick and sexy fun, the L’Amour Desire Vibrator is your ticket to pleasure!

7 Speeds Of Throbbing Silicone Thrills!

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